Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Problem with Buying an Old Boat.

by Riley

The problem with buying an old boat is that you never truly know what you’re getting until you already have it. Fortunately for us, I was able to find Winbrandt at a good bargain, so hopefully it will offset the cost of repair.

The Good
  • The boat has solid bones. C&C yachts are known for being quality built boats. 
  • All the running rigging is new.
  • She sails well.
  • She has a diesel engine, so fuel economy and safety are much higher.
  • She has a good amount of storage for a boat her size.

The Bad
  • The head needs to be redone and modernized.
  • The electrical AC is out dated and unsafe.
  • The DC is just a mess.
  • The bottoms of some of the cabinets have collected moisture over the years, causing some rot.

The Ugly
While not really a problem per say, Allison and I feel that the boat (and us) would benefit from:
  • Refinishing the interior wood trim and floors
  • Re-laminating the countertops
  • Reupholstering the interior cushions

buying a C&C 30

Perhaps the problem in buying an old boat really isn't a problem.
I feel like I will be a lot better off for buying a boat with problems. That may sound crazy to most, so let me explain. I would rather have an entire system needing replacing now, and learn about it, than to have a small problem go unattended and break in an inconvenient place. At the end of all of our hard work, I will not only know what kind of boat I have, I will know how to fix it again when it counts.

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