Saturday, March 23, 2013

Electrical 101.

by Riley
So, it's time to put my trade skills to work. Being an electrician, I felt more than capable to rewire the boat. The 120volt wiring was unsafe and really needed to be redone. I decided to install a breaker panel, something the boat didn't have before, in order to give it more capabilities. I chose a Blue Sea panel with a polarity indicator. The polarity indicator detects if the dock wiring is backwards for safety purposes. I also replaced the cables with boat wire. The previous DIY owners had used Romex and what appeared to be an extension cord with the ends cut off. Being as there’s water everywhere, I installed GFCI protection. To do so, I had to replace a few of the factory receptacle boxes because they weren't large enough to accommodate the new GFCI receptacles. The time consuming part was tracing out the nonfactory wiring. Everything went pretty well and I made good time on the project. Now, she has an up to date AC system, and I have one less thing to worry about.

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