Friday, November 1, 2013

Ocean Sailing.

by Riley

So the other day I got a little bit of a chip off my shoulder. If I had a dollar for every rolled eye I got when I was asked if I had ever sailed in the ocean and my answer was "no," it would pay for this adventure. I can finally say yes to the question and in fact, it is WAY easier than sailing inland. There's nothing to hit, no worrying about running aground, and a lot less wind shifts... so, less work! If it wasn't so much shorter to go inside the next 2 days, I'd definitely be out there instead. 

We arrived in Georgetown South Carolina yesterday after a quiet night in the middle of nowhere the night before. It's a nice town, although, there's a large steel mill in the back drop. The sounds gave me flashbacks to my days as a working man, much like PTSD. The holding here is soft mud, which is bad for keeping a boat in place, but after the howling wind last night it must have been good enough (we're still in the same spot, which is encouraging). I must be getting better at anchoring. There are high winds today, so I think after I walk over to the Kudzu Bakery and get a muffin, I'll try to keep myself occupied here for the day.

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