Monday, November 11, 2013

(mis)Adventures of a Sweatpants Sailor.

by Riley

The sweatpants sailor, if there is such a thing, I believe is what I have become. You see, I really enjoy being underway to watch the sunrise. It's a spiritual experience for me by way of reminding me what a great God there must be to create such beauty, and I don't mean all of the mega mansions dotting the shoreline. To me, sunrise is one of the best times to admire this beauty. The air is crisper and there is less commotion...

... then, in the height of enjoying the morning, the gps dies again, just as we're entering an area with shoals.  I have to scramble quickly to locate myself on those good ole paper charts that I've been so thankful to have and that Allison had the forethought to already have laid out.  Now once again I can enjoy my morning, and a beautiful one it is. A bit warmer, clear and we're on our way to Savannah, Georgia... 

...then in an instant, we're thrown into action again. The boat hook, a long expandable pole used to do an assortment of mariners tasks, was grabbed by a moving line on deck, flinging it into the water! That thing was expensive! I'd be darned if I would loose it. So, maneuvering the boat and sails around with less finesse than I would like to admit, I turned in pursuit of the hook, in shallow waters, without a gps to quickly say for sure how close I really was. Then, with Allison hanging over the side in her pj's we retrieved our boat hook. 

If you couldn't already tell, all of this has been happening since I started writing this post. So now, let me get to the point about the sweatpants. While most people see a sailor as someone in khakies and polo shirts, I'm so excited to see what the morning holds, I tend to leave the anchorage still in what I slept in, sweatpants. This morning I haven't been disappointed!

*And then, after I finally finished writing this post, we ran aground.

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