Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Three Days.

by Riley

Beaufort, NC

Three days at anchor. Not a lot, but I have to say, I get restless easily, even though I've been in a new place everyday. We are currently in Beaufort, NC. We've traveled about 20 miles a day, just trying to figure things out. I hope to be at about 40 miles a day soon. It's been a little chilly the last few days, making it kinda nice for sleeping, but slow going in the morning. I'm still in the learning process of anchoring. It took me two tries today, I was a little too close for comfort so I pulled it up and moved and am glad I did.

When Allison and I went ashore today, I was able to get charts enough to get us to Florida, hopefully without getting lost. I have a GPS but my faith in it isn't the best; paper is easy to read and doesn't have glitches. While at the dinghy dock we met some other cruisers. So apparently when cruising, you're supposed to have "boat cards" to trade. You know, name, which boat, contact info, etc. I kinda knew this, but it fell between the cracks on the to-do list. So needless to say, without one, I looked like a newb. Since it was so obvious, one seasoned cruiser asked us, "how long have you been cruising?" I replied, "three days," which sounded kinda funny and took some of the pressure off. It was fun talking with new people, but I'm afraid those darn cards are going to get me in trouble again.

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