Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Time Has Come.

by Riley

Well, the time has come. I'm dictating this to Allison as we are driving down the road, headed to live aboard a sailboat. At times I thought this day was never going to get here. And the amount of work that needed to be done too great to accomplish. Now I've found myself homeless and jobless, with no other better place to be than floating down the coast. I've always lived a life of very little change. I grew up in the same house all my life. And when I moved out to live on my own, I moved three miles away. I've had the same job since I was 15. Now I'm leaving behind all I've ever known to chase an idea that constantly has me wondering if it really was such a good one to start with.

Yesterday, as I left the house that I built and had put so much work into, I really felt the sense that my life was making one of those large transitions. The house was originally built to be a rental, and now it has become just that. While I have no clue what direction things are going to take, I feel a combination of excitement, anxiousness and fear for the life we are getting ready to live.

So here I am, with everything that we (hopefully) need for two people and a dog to live, all in a few tupperwares in the back of a pickup truck.

Did I mention it's a really small boat?

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