Monday, May 20, 2013

Bye Bye Boat Yard.

by Riley

Over the past several months of having Winbrandt in the yard at the marina, I have felt like I was constantly tap dancing around gimmicks. It became clear that they had set up to prey on people that bite off more than they can handle, and then try to use intimidation when one doesn't fall for their own overpriced, poor workmanship. Because that's how pirates do it these days. 

While this issue was troubling, I've also met some awesome people there. It's been a lot easier recently, swimming past all the baited hooks, after making some friends in the same "boat." Because I live almost 5 hours from where we keep Winbrandt, I feel a lot better now, knowing that someone is watching my back and boat. My friend James and his wife were redoing an Oday 34 next to us when we met and became friends. His plan is to start chartering the boat, and he has done a exceptional job, as he is a very capable, meticulous craftsman. His work inspired me to step it up a notch on my own refit, and I am very glad I did. 

Boatyard friendships, I feel, have been critical in getting Winbrandt back in the water. I knew little about some of the repairs I needed to make when I started, but that was ok, because my friend did. He didn't have a woodworking shop for some trim he needed made, but I did and could make it. It's also good to have another set of eyes giving ideas and opinions on your projects. While Winbrandt is far from done, I know that she wouldn't be as nice, and I wouldn't have tackled some of the repairs, if I hadn't had help. 

Now, both of our boats are free from the bonds of dry land, ready to go wherever the wind blows.

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