Friday, May 3, 2013

A Good Day.

by Riley
I'm lying here in the cabin of my boat after a very satisfying day of care giving. Sailboats are a lot of upkeep, and even more work to bring back after neglect. It can also be a really rewarding experience. Today is what would register as a good day for me and Winbrandt. The old electronics are gone and the new installed. The hull is polished and waxed. We wanted to change the bootstripe at the waterline from a dark blue to largo blue, which matches the canvas on the boat; this task was accomplished also. My friend James was a lot of help. He also showed me how to move the stands that support the boat in order to paint the rest of the bottom. To top it all off, I had some fine Carolina BBQ for dinner. 
Winbrandt is now ready to put back in the water.

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