Monday, April 29, 2013

The Doors.

by Riley
You can't judge a boat by it's doors, but they sure make a difference. One of the things I've been wanting was some companionway doors. Most boats have wooden slats that slide into a groove, which can be kinda problematic in my opinion, although they are stronger. Buying the doors would have cost around a thousand dollars, which I didn’t have. So after looking at a few pictures... I decided to make my own. While talking to a good friend about my upcoming project, he tells me he has some rough cut Mahogany in his barn that I could have. What are the odds? I also already had some glass. So the other day I got my tools out and built these... 
The Mahogany is stained to the same color of the oiled teak on the boat. So now I just need to oil and refinish the trim around the doors, then it will match. So instead of spending $1000, I only had the cost of a few hinges and some stain. 
Thrifty sailing.

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