Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just Right.

by Riley

Some days we get just the right amount of wind to remind a retired thrill seeker why I took up sailing in the first place. 

After spending some time in Miami, anchored off South Beach, we left, spending one night in Dinner Key, and last night anchored off some little mangrove island that gave shelter from the wind. Leaving this morning with about 20 knots of wind on a beam reach, we flew all the way to Key Largo. It was awesome! We are now anchored in a nice protected basin. 

Most of you guys have kept up with the trip via Allison's blog, The Bauble Dept., but I figured I'd tell you what I've been doing. When we were in Fort Lauderdale, I found some engine sound insulation at a marine consignment shop, it was a must have. And it took about a half a day to install. Now the ole iron jib is a lot quieter and the engine compartment looks cleaner. While anchored in Miami, it was cloudy for a few days so the solar panels weren't charging the batteries that much, so I decided to start the engine to charge them a bit. But they didn't really charge. So yesterday I tore apart the engine and alternator to find a bad ground. After repairing it and checking the the rest of the engine over, and a walk around "sightseeing," we sailed the rest of the way down Biscayne Bay. Also along the way I have been dealing with a leaky freshwater system. Hard getting things tight in cramped spots! But I think I've finally got them under control. I also added a sprayer to the galley sink!! Now this probably only excites me, so let me explain. I'm the dishwasher, and this little sink is HARD to work in. The new sprayer now allows me to rinse the dishes with ease when before I couldn't even fit them in the sink. Next up, rebedding some deck fittings. 

Oh, life on a boat is great because, I only do this between swims, peanut breaks and naps.

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